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 Sungazing Timer

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PostajNaslov: Sungazing Timer   sub lip 05, 2010 11:18 am

This is a timer program (MIDlet) made for simple time countdown tasks. It is written using J2ME MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. It can be used on any device supporting MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1.

Time is shown in format 00:00:00 (hh🇲🇲ss). With left/right arrows (or 4/6 keys) time digit which you want to increase/decrease is selected and with up/down arrows (or 2/8 keys) that digit is increased/decreased. After you set time to measure press central key (or 5) to start or pause timer. If timer is running or paused when it quits it will be restored in paused state after restarting (but original time set will be restored after it finished or after you reset it.

There are only two menu items, exit program and reset timer to set value.

After exiting timer keeps last time you set in it and if timer is running or paused it restores current time after it starts again (which enables you to split timer countdown in morning + evening session).

When starting timer phone shortly vibrates, when stopping it vibrates longer. If you press * key while timer is running it vibrates longer as many times as there are tens of minutes left and after that it vibrates shorter as many times as there are single-digit minutes left.

When timer is not running we can access sunrise / sunset / transit calendar by pressing '0' key and browse through it by up / down arrows (one row at a time) or left / right arrows (one screen at a time). For proper functioning we have to enter proper location information from this screen menus (latitude / longitude / time zone). On calendar screen '#' changes font. To use sunrise / sunset calendar first we have to add our location to application by entering geographic coordinates and time zone. We can add more than one location to application and easily switch them later.


SungazingTimer 1.4 - jar file (~40kb)

SungazingTimer 1.4 - zipped jad + jar file (~38kb)

SungazingTimer 1.4 - source (~42kb)

Starije verzije:

download directly to phone:

Usage of timer functions:

Tutorial - screenshots:

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Sungazing Timer
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